• Our See & Spray machines

    We use computer vision & machine learning to power our award-winning See & Spray equipment

  • Herbicide resistance is growing

    Existing weed control methods include broadcast-spraying of herbicides. This results in 3 billion pounds of herbicides being used each year costing a total of $25 billion.

    Herbicides are used extensively. Over 90% of cotton planted acres in the US have herbicide applied

    Volumes increasing...

    ...efficacy decreasing

    But an over reliance on a handful of chemicals is fueling the evolution of herbicide tolerant weeds, making traditional broadcast-sprays less effective at weed control

  • Farmers around the world need a new way to address the weed control challenge.

    Blue River's solution starts here.

  • Introducing See & Spray:

    Precisely spraying herbicides only where needed.

    Our smart machines give farmers a new way to control weeds eliminating up to 90% of the herbicide volumes sprayed today, while opening the potential to use other herbicides that are not appropriate for broadcast-spraying.

    More tools.

    Less herbicide.

    Lower costs.

  • How it works:

    Introducing intelligent weeding in cotton

    Identification of weeds vs cotton

    Sense & Decide


    Our machines see every plant and determine the appropriate treatment for each.


    We have developed intelligent models using computer vision and machine learning that can distinguish subtle differences between cotton plants and weeds of many species and sizes.


    See & Spray does not rely on spacing or color to identify weeds. Instead it has unparalleled ability to recognize differences between plants in conditions that would challenge the human eye.

    Weed sprayed and cotton avoided



    Robotic nozzles target unwanted weeds in real time as the machine passes.


    With great accuracy and precision, See & Spray applies herbicide only to weeds, avoiding chemical application on the cotton crop or on areas without weeds.


    Precise application allows growers to reduce chemical usage by an order of magnitude, and unlocks the ability to use herbicide alternatives to effectively control weeds that would otherwise be resistant.

    Under the hood of See & Spray

    Verify & Learn


    See & Spray assesses the applied herbicide, makes adjustments, and learns as it goes.


    In a unique "closed-loop" cycle, our technology includes a second set of cameras and the ability to automatically check its work as it operates.


    See & Spray is constantly gathering data on the tens of thousands of plants in each field, so that its software can continue improving in service to our growers

  • See & Spray in action in cotton













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